Why with us?

Fastlink prides itself with the competence in different global, best of breed ICT products and solutions. Having a wider variety of tried and tested integration of products allows Fastlink to carefully design the most fitting, cost-effective, and value-engineered solution that would address each and every customer's unique requirement. With a workforce that is exposed to multi-industry workflow experiences, coupled with the technical competence through Certification Trainings and Product Familiarity, Fastlink can guarantee only the best results and business solutions that are a LINK away.


Fastlink was founded in 2001 to provide expertise and competence in the computing industry. Years of experience in servicing a variety of customers and projects has brought the company to a position to provide a strengthened reinforcement of Solution-Centric services. An evolution from Computing Competence, to Networking Competence, to Application Competence and ultimately to a seamless integration of multi product Solution addressing specific Customer Business needs has catapulted Fastlink to one of the country’s leading ICT Solutions providers.


In support of our Corporate Vision, Fastlink is committed to provide a continuously growing wide array of Best of Breed ICT products and solutions to be supported by a Team of Principal Certified-Competent Workforce. Furthermore, it is also the company’s mission to provide Professionally Supported Services and Processes to generate the most customized, streamlined, value-engineered, and cost-effective Integrated Business-Based Solutions.


Fastlink envisions itself to be Philippines’ most Comprehensive and Innovative provider of ICT Solution by having and offering the widest Array of facilities and Customer Centric Services to address the market's dynamic and unique requirements. Fastlink strives to be the In Mind Solution Consultant and Partner for every ICT requirements, big or small, simple or complex, delivering delightful customer services for Long Term technology partnership.

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Flexibility & Fun with everyone

We keep our vision and mission in mind while we flex with the ever-changing demands of our customers. We are always glad to offer our hands to the people and make ICT fun, exciting, and interactive. We provide a wide range of choices for the best solution tailor-fit for everyone.