Physical Infrastructure

Cable Tray and Ladders


Main Power and UPS

Racks and Cabinets

Raised Flooring

Structured Cabling

Complete cabling system that provides a comprehensive network infrastructure that provides connectivity for the user’s voice, video, and data. Consist of the following subsystems:

  1. Entrance Facilities
  2. Equipment Rooms
  3. Backbone Cabling
  4. Horizontal Cabling
  5. Telecommunication rooms
  6. Work Area

Our installation complies with the Network Cabling Standards and backed by a 25 Years System Warranty.

  • Copper Cable variety includes CAT 5, CAT 5e, and CAT 6 Networks.
  • Fiber Optic Cables transmit data at a speed closely comparable to light.
  • Multiple brands are available to suit your preferences, requirements, and comfort.
  • Certified Engineers to Assess, Plan, Implement, and Maintain your Connectivity.

Copper VS Fiber

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